iPad apps released!

The new Revision101 apps for the iPad have been released! Available to download for free now from the iTunes Store, the Revision101 app is like an interactive textbook range. Once installed, you can purchase the modules you want to revise for a small price of £1.49 each, a very reasonable fee. For that you get an interactive textbook, with the following features:

  • detailed notes for all the AQA Sciences
  • ability to turn on or off Higher Tier notes (depending on what exam you’re taking)
  • checkpoint questions and answers the whole way through
  • revision multiple-choice quizzes for each module
  • ability to make notes and highlight bits of the text
  • a copy of the official AQA syllabus for each chapter so you can track progress

Download the official Revision101 app for free from here



mzl.vjrqicva.480x480-75mzl.zyoujchj.480x480-75Give it a go – the app is free to download and try out, and we’re offering Biology B2 as a free taste module, so you’ve nothing to lose!

Also the new website version of the app is now live where you can get access to all modules of every subject for only one secure payment of £5. Access the site here

Good luck with the revision, let me know your thoughts!

Download the official Revision101 app for free from here



New 2013 GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics notes released!

Sorry it’s taken so long, but we’re finally here with the GCSE AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics notes, rewritten for the new syllabuses!

the new website is now live with all of the new notes, where you can purchase subscription to the whole lot for a small fee of £5

This tiny £5 charge will grant you access to the new website (www.revision101.com) and to content of all nine modules which we are currently offering (B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, P1, P2 and P3). For this money, you will be getting an interactive textbook packed full of revision notes, diagrams and checkpoint questions), all sorts of tools to use for revision and interactive revision quizzes for each module! You’d be mad not to get this.

If you haven’t already, head to revision101 and create an account, and you can pay the £5 securely to gain access to all of the notes immediately, just in time for revision!

Also the iPad apps are now live on the iTunes Store and can be downloaded from here

Good luck, many thanks and let me know your thoughts,

New website for GCSE Revision 101!

GCSE Revision 101 users!

The notes for GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics have all been updated and are due for release on our brand new website (created in collaboration with Aptavia), so head to www.revision101.com and sign up for an account!

At the moment there is beta access to Biology B2 to give you an example of what will be available when the new website is up and running. There will also be Android and iPad apps to download to accompany the website, including an interactive textbook and revision quizzes. Stay tuned for more information on those.

How to access the new notes:

  1. Head to www.revision101.com 
  2. Click on “Beta access” and create a free account (takes 2 minutes)
  3. Sign into your new account and under Active Resources click on “Beta subscription”
  4. Choose Biology B2 and view the online textbook!

We’ll let you know when the rest of the notes are finished, online and available for you!

We are also releasing Maths notes for the first time on Revision 101, scheduled for a later release in the Autumn term of next year to help you with your Maths studies!

GCSE Revision 101 app for tablets announced!

GCSE Revision 101 users,

First up, apologies for the lack of notes for the last few weeks, I understand it’s revision time at the moment and you’re all eager to have the notes back online. The good news is I’ve rewritten the notes for GCSE Science and they’re all up to date for the 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 syllabuses.

The exciting news is that there is a GCSE Revision 101 app for iPad and Android tablets currently in development, as well as a new website with an interactive book containing the new notes! We will also be releasing revision quiz apps which are available to test your knowledge in each module (those who buy the full app get the quizzes for free, but they are also available as a standalone app).

For the past few months I have been working with a company developing revision apps and a new website to host my notes. The website is currently still undergoing maintenance, but you are free to browse it for the time being, where we have made the Biology B2 unit free to explore as a trial. Please look around to get an idea of what the app and website will give you, and then when we have finished working on the apps and website, we will release all of the modules for purchase, for a very competitive price.

You will need to set up an account: please click on the link below, and then click on “Beta Access” and just create an account (free and takes 2 minutes) and then you can browse the online textbook we’ve made for you. Please let us know your thoughts, and also take advantage of the forum that’s on there for you to ask and answer each other’s revision questions!


Happy browsing and let us know your thoughts, we are aiming to have all modules (including Sciences and Maths) released and the apps available on the iTunes Store and Android’s Google Play Store by the end of March, ready for your revision for Summer exams.

All the best,