New website for GCSE Revision 101!

GCSE Revision 101 users!

The notes for GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics have all been updated and are due for release on our brand new website (created in collaboration with Aptavia), so head to and sign up for an account!

At the moment there is beta access to Biology B2 to give you an example of what will be available when the new website is up and running. There will also be Android and iPad apps to download to accompany the website, including an interactive textbook and revision quizzes. Stay tuned for more information on those.

How to access the new notes:

  1. Head to 
  2. Click on “Beta access” and create a free account (takes 2 minutes)
  3. Sign into your new account and under Active Resources click on “Beta subscription”
  4. Choose Biology B2 and view the online textbook!

We’ll let you know when the rest of the notes are finished, online and available for you!

We are also releasing Maths notes for the first time on Revision 101, scheduled for a later release in the Autumn term of next year to help you with your Maths studies!


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