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The new Revision101 apps for the iPad have been released! Available to download for free now from the iTunes Store, the Revision101 app is like an interactive textbook range. Once installed, you can purchase the modules you want to revise for a small price of £1.49 each, a very reasonable fee. For that you get an interactive textbook, with the following features:

  • detailed notes for all the AQA Sciences
  • ability to turn on or off Higher Tier notes (depending on what exam you’re taking)
  • checkpoint questions and answers the whole way through
  • revision multiple-choice quizzes for each module
  • ability to make notes and highlight bits of the text
  • a copy of the official AQA syllabus for each chapter so you can track progress



mzl.vjrqicva.480x480-75mzl.zyoujchj.480x480-75Give it a go – the app is free to download and try out, and we’re offering Biology B2 as a free taste module, so you’ve nothing to lose!

Also don’t forget the website version (found here to which you can subscribe to ALL modules for only a fiver) is going to go live on Sunday!

Good luck with the revision, let me know your thoughts!



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