Revision Quiz for iPhones

GCSE Revision 101 users!

As part of our collaboration with Aptavia, we also bring to you Revision Quizzes for your iPhone and iPad! These quizzes will be included as part of the main app (along with the interactive textbook, exam questions and everything else), but if you don’t want to buy the whole package, you can buy the revision quizzes as a standalone option, which are available for iPhone and Android phones!

Head to the iTunes store by this link to download the Revision101 Quiz App now with over 900 questions on GCSE AQA Biology, Chemistry and Physics for only £0.69

You can choose which quiz to do by each module, where you can do a random selection of all the questions (about 100 per module) or 10 quickfire questions to test your knowledge!


Note that this quiz feature is included in the website version and iPad app – if you have already purchased these, you do not need to buy this quiz app again. This is just for people who do not want to buy the full suite of notes!


2 thoughts on “Revision Quiz for iPhones

    • It’s the one price for the whole lot – that gets you access to every single topic, and the good news is we’ve just reduced the price to £0.69 for a limited time! 69p for 900 revision questions is a definite bargain!

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